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Six Course Lute

One of the pillars in the history of the lute- the classic form of the lute widely used from around 1500 to 1580.  The six course was found in various sizes and pitches, either as part of a consort or as a solo instrument.  I offer several models in various string lengths.  

Pricing starting at $3,450

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Seven Course Lute

The expanded form of the renaissance lute, like the six course with the seventh course tuned either a whole tone or a fourth below the sixth course

Pricing starting at $4,150

7-Course Alto Lute after Jakob Hes, ca. 1585.jpg

Eight Course Lute

Although there are few sources of music that specifically call for eight courses to be used in the same music, the eight course lute has become widely accepted as the most common form of renaissance lute in modern times.  The eight course gives the flexibility for modern players to cover a great range of renaissance repertoire. 

Pricing starting at $4,150

Yew 8cs Front.jpg

Nine/Ten Course Lute

The culmination of the renaissance lute before the full transition to the baroque.  Much high-quality and wonderful music was written with this instrument in mind, including the so-called "transitional tunings".

Pricing Starting at $4,350

9-Course Lute after Dieffopruchar ca 1610_edited.jpg

Eleven Course Lute

The eleven course lute enjoyed about a 100-year reign across most of Europe as the go-to configuration of lute to be played.

Pricing starting at $5,250

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Thirteen Course Lute

Thirteen Course Bass rider type lute suitable for the music of Bach, Weiss and their contemporaries.

Pricing starting at $5,750

13-Course Baroque Lute_edited.jpg
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