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Pricing Overview:

Here is an overview of my lute and guitar offerings.  Most of the models that I offer are based on surviving examples however, where no direct example is available, instruments are based off iconography and other evidence. 


Renaissance Lutes

6 Course                                               $3,450

7 or 8 Course                                      $4,150

9 or 10 Course                                    $4,500


9, 11 or 13 ribs are typically standard, depending on the model, multi-rib backs, ebony veneered neck and holly striping extra.


Baroque Lutes                                        

11 Course                                                 $5,250

13 Course                                                 $5,750



Raillich - 80cm/150cm.                      $6,250

Koch - 85cm/170cm                              $6,750

Buchenburg - 88cm/160cm              $8,250



Dieffopruchar - 67cm/144cm         $7,250


Liuto Attiorbato

Coch - 57cm/85cm                               $7,750



Renaissance Guitar

(based on iconography) - 50cm   $1,750


Baroque Guitar

(Italian model, vaulted back,

after Giovanni Tessler) - 66cm      $4,250


The Details:


I am happy to discuss your needs are- what music you are interested in playing, etc.  We can discuss possibilities as far as tuning, number of courses and string length.

Feel free to contact me:

Terms and Conditions

Waiting List:

My waiting list is approximately 6 months.  If you would like to be added to the waiting list, a deposit of $300 is requested.  An additional payment will be requested as construction commences.  Final payment including case, strings and shipping is due before delivery.




Cases by Kingham are not included in the prices above. 




Customers are encouraged to visit and collect their instrument in person.  If this is not possible, shipping and insurance can be arranged at the customer expense.

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