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Theorbos, Archlutes and Guitars


Historically, Theorbos came in a multitude of sizes, with the fingerboard string length ranging from 76cm all the way to 99cm.

I offer the medium-sized Railich as well as the Koch 85/170cm and the Buchenburg 88/160cm


The Railch instrument below has a string length of 80/150cm which makes it a flexible instrument for both solo and continuo.   

Theorbo pricing starting at $6,250

Raillich Theorbo (another).jpg

Liuto Attiorbato

A smaller archlute with doubled courses throughout (including basses) that was popular in Italy during the seventeenth and early eighteenth century.  Although somewhat rare today, it can really be considered the baroque lute of the Italians,  An abundance of well-crafted solo music is written for such a lute, and while not as powerful as a larger archlute, it is also useful as part of a continuo "team". 


The little lute by Coch in the London V&A museum is a small bright instrument in "A", (57cm and 85cm) or a larger bodied instrument such as the body of the Dieffopruchar archlute in Vienna C45 can make a fine model in "G". (circa 65cm and 120cm)

Pricing starting at $7,750

Liuto attiorbato.jpg


A full-size archlute is a useful tool in the continuo player's arsenal.  The Dieffopruchar archlute in Vienna C45 (pictured below) as a versatile model with a rich, full sound that provides support as a continuo instrument.  

Pricing Starting at $7,250

Archlute after Dieffopruchar.jpg

Baroque Guitar

An instrument with a tremendous solo repertoire that is also a useful texture as a member of a  continuo team or on its own.   It can be used in conjunction with a bowed bass, harpsichord and theorbo/archlute.

The vaulted back guitar below is based on a guitar by Giovanni Tessler ca 1620

Pricing starting at $4,250

Good Tessler.jpg
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